How To Eliminate The Sewage Smell In Your Plumbing

Over time, a number of plumbing problems can result in noxious sewage gas leaking back up from your drains and pipes and into your home, where it can be a real nuisance and even pose a health hazard. If you notice that a strong odor permeates your home and seems to be coming from your plumbing, there are a couple of things that you should do to try and eliminate it immediately.

What You'll Need

Before you get started, it's a good idea to get all of your tools and materials in one place so that the process moves along as quickly as possible. You'll need a screwdriver, vinegar, bleach, and baking soda, all of which can be found at most grocery and hardware stores.

Eliminating the Sewage Smell

First, you'll want to use the screwdriver to remove the screws that are holding the drain trap in place over the drain where the smell of sewage seems to be originating from. Be sure to keep the screws in a safe location nearby for later.

Then, you'll want to pour about a liter of white vinegar down the drain, followed by half of a cup of baking soda. This will create a fizzing reaction, which is normal. Let the mixture sit in the drain for upwards of two hours to disinfect your plumbing and break down any minor clogs which may be there.

Then, you'll want to run the hot water down the drain for ten minutes or so to completely clear all of the vinegar out of the drain. If the drain is clogged and the water will not actually go down the plumbing, you'll have to contact a plumber immediately, and skip the next steps. This is because combining bleach and vinegar will create toxic chlorine gas, which can be fatal.

If the water does drain down the pipe, however, you can pour a liter of bleach down the drain and let it sit for another two hours. This will kill any remaining bacteria, as well as break down those more durable clogs that vinegar may have been unable to fully dissolve.

Then, all you have to do is rinse out the drain one more time and then screw the trap back into place with the screwdriver.

Professional Help

Keep in mind that this will eliminate small clogs and built up bacteria within your pipes, but won't fix any acute plumbing problems, such as a completely blocked pipe, broken plumbing, or damage to the sewage hookup. If the odor of sewage remains in your after repeated applications of the mixture down the drain, or if sewage actually backs up into your home, you should contact a professional plumber from companies like Knights Plumbing & Drain to diagnose and fix whatever may be wrong with your home's plumbing system.