How To Keep Kids From Clogging The Drain

When you have kids, you're almost certain to have to call the plumber about the occasional overflowing toilet or clogged drain. Kids just love flushing toys and pouring things they shouldn't down the drain. But that does not mean your future has to be a series of overflowing sinks and calls to the drain cleaning company. Here are three helpful ways to keep your kids from clogging up the drains:

Don't keep clog-causing things in the bathroom.

From your hair oil to cotton balls, if something is capable of causing a drain clog, don't keep it in the bathroom. It may be a bit inconvenient to have to grab these items out of a hall closet each time you need to use them, but at least when your children lock themselves in the bathroom, you won't have to be as concerned that an entire bottle of hair gel or package of cotton swabs will end up down the toilet.

Talk to your kids about the problems caused by clogged drains.

Kids don't always listen to instructions and avoid doing the things you tell them not to do. But at least if you take the time to tell them about the hazards presented by clogged drains, they can't claim ignorance when you catch them putting unwelcome items down a drain or toilet. Sit your kids down and explain that the only things to be flushed down the toilet are pee, poop, and toilet paper -- and that the only thing to go down the sink drain should be water and soap. Explain that if they put bad things down the drain, Mom and Dad will have to pay a plumber a lot of money to fix it, and you may not have enough money left for treats they really want.

Keep a basket in the drain.

While your child could remove the basket and shove something down the drain if they wanted, they are less likely to do this than to just dump something down the drain. A basket won't stop them from causing clogs with things like oil, but it will help stop toys and other small items from being rinsed down. Keep a few extra baskets on hand (they're inexpensive at the dollar store) so that if one mysteriously goes missing, you can replace it without skipping a beat.

With the tips above, you should have an easier time preventing your kids from wrecking your plumbing. For more information and assistance, contact a company like Art Douglas Plumbing Inc.