Steps For Adding A Kitchen To The Office

Every office needs to have a kitchen, which is a simple fact. Of course, an office kitchen need not be as elaborate as the one at home, but it does need to at least be functional, and the design should blend with everything else in the office. The kitchen is not just the place to refuel and refresh but, but also a place where employees can form and share working ideas while they bond with each other. A lot of employees have admitted to the fact that kitchens make them more productive, so why not invest in one yourself for your employees? Here are the steps you should take:

Call in the Experts

You need to have professionals take care of the addition because there will be a lot of things involved. Commercial plumbing is one of the things to consider because a well-placed plumbing system is one of the most important kitchen aspects.

Create a Functional Office Kitchen

An office kitchen has numerous purposes, and most of the time, employees will be going in and out of there at the same time. Therefore, you must consider space when you are thinking about an office kitchen. The kitchen should be an open plan kitchen to allow more space and to make it more flexible for more movement.

Socializing is the next thing to consider. Employees don't just head to the kitchen to pick lunch and immediately head back to their offices; they need to socialize and share ideas. They should be able to do this without blocking the important features like the sinks or coffee machine.

Create Smart Spaces and Appliances

With a customized kitchen, you can build cabinets, countertops, and furniture that allows you to install all the appliances you need for a cohesive kitchen. You should have them built in especially for the office.

Create an Easy to Maintain and Clean Kitchen

Office kitchens have so many people involved that you should consider the durability of the materials. In addition to that, they should be easy to clean and easy to maintain, without any wasted space or hard to reach places that are bound to collect dirt. Offer the necessary tools and supplies needed for the employees to clean the kitchen after themselves. Commercial plumbing experts will advise you on the best features for this. Plumbers will also perform necessary routine maintenance, such as drain cleaning services, that will keep your sinks in working order despite a lot of food going down the drain.

Create Custom Cabinets

Of course, you want your office kitchen to look good. Customized cabinetry and countertops will make it look aesthetically appealing and will match the rest of your office.


The kitchen should be more than a place to grab a bite, especially if you want your employees to come together and socialize. Equip the space with seating options where the employees will be comfortable while they eat. Go with tables and chairs that are easy to move so employees can choose where to sit and talk in an informal setting. Ensure that the tables and chairs match the overall kitchen style to make it more appealing.

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