Toilets Keep Getting Clogged Up? Two Tips To Help Fix The Problem

Dealing with clogged toilets is no laughing matter. The situation could become so bad that you find yourself having to plunge the commode each and every time you use it. You may have done everything that you know how to do to remedy the problem but still can't seem to figure out why your toilets keep getting clogged up. However, although the issue may seem to be out of your control there are things you can do to possibly prevent the blockages from occurring. Use this plumbing information to learn more about how you can keep your toilets from getting clogged up.

1-Ply Tissue Could Be The Answer You Seek

The first thing you want to do when looking to keep your toilets running free and clear is consider the type of toilet tissue that you use. While that 2-ply tissue might feel luxurious to the touch, it could be the culprit behind your clogged up toilets.

Understand that thick tissue isn't necessarily the best option when you're looking to keep clogs at bay. You want to use toilet paper that dissolves almost instantly when it touches the water in your toilet bowl. You can actually test this out by taking a strip of 2-ply tissue and running some water over it. Then, do the same thing with a piece of 1-ply tissue. You'll likely notice that the 1-ply tissue dissolves more quickly than the 2-ply alternative. Because the 2-ply tissue tends to stay intact, it could be accumulating in the pipes below your toilet bowl. This could be the reason why you can't seem to keep clogs from becoming an issue in your house.

Don't Make Your Toilet A Garbage Can

Chucking things into the toilet can become a habit. You might be using cotton balls or q-tips in the bathroom for hygiene purposes and see nothing wrong with flushing these items down the toilet. The problem is that these things aren't designed to be pushed through your pipes. 

Keep a small waste basket in your bathroom and make it a point to always put all of the products that you use into it. Refuse the urge to turn your toilet into a trash can and you might find that the clogs begin to be few and far between.

You have what it takes to keep your toilets working as they should. Start implementing these tips immediately so you can make clogged up toilets a thing of the past.