Water Heater Tips: Saving Money On Your Energy Bills

You should do your best to cut down all of the energy expenses you can around your house. The more you are able to do to save money on your energy bill, the more money you will have to put toward other expenses or even put into a saving's account if you choose to. When it comes to saving on your energy expenses, you know to turn off lights when not in use, turn off TV's when you are going to be away from them for a period of time and to watch the settings on your air conditioner, so you know you aren't overworking it. However, there is one component in your home that is hidden out of the way and that you probably don't give much thought at all to and that is the water heater. Your water heater can use quite a bit of energy if you aren't careful. This is why you want to follow these water heater energy saving tips:

  • Turn down the thermostat on your water heater – The more you turn down the thermostat, the more you will save on your energy costs. Also, turning down the thermostat will help to decrease the chances of someone in the household getting burned when the water comes out of the tap too hot.
  • Only use hot water when necessary – You can save money on your energy costs by only using hot water when you have to and when you do use it, only turn the water as hot as necessary. Wash all the laundry you can in cold water and turn shower and bath water up only as hot as you need to be comfortable.
  • Make sure your hot water heater is insulated – Insulating the water heater is going to help to keep the water that's heated in it warmer longer and easier. This means the water heater is going to need to turn on less and for a shorter period of time, therefore saving you money on the energy bill.
  • Verify that your hot water pipes are also insulated – Verifying that your water heater pipes are properly insulated is also going to help you to cut down on the bills for the same reason insulating the water heater itself helps.
  • Turn off the fuse for hydro heaters – If you have a heater in the house that runs on hot water and that doesn't have an off switch, it could be running more than you know and this can cost you a lot of money on your energy bill. You should consider flipping the fuse at the fuse box to 'off' for the heaters so you don't waste all that hot water.

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