How To Choose Faucets For Your Bathroom Addition

If you are remodeling or building a bathroom addition, finding yourself picking out faucets can be an exciting or intimidating experience.  Your faucet can be a great way to make a statement or add subtle style to your bathroom.  Here are a few things to consider to help you narrow down your search for a faucet.

What Kind of Sink?

Your faucet has to match the sink that you are buying.  If your sink only has one hole to accommodate plumbing, you'll have to choose a single-hole faucet.  These faucets combine the spout and handles, as opposed to  widespread mounts and center-set faucets that require one hole for the spout and two for the handles.  For small spaces and modern looks, you can also buy wall mount faucets that protrude from the wall and pour directly into the bowl.  

Try Eco-Friendly Options

If you're looking for an easy way to save money, have you ever considered single temperature faucets?  You really only need hot water for cooking or cleaning, so this is a great way to limit hot water use, especially if this is going to be a children's bathroom.  You can also have low flow water faucets installed.  Like most people, you might find that you've gone over budget with your addition.  Installing eco-friendly faucets could be a great way to recoup some of these lost costs.  Ask your plumber for advice on the best low flow and energy efficient faucets on the market.

What's Your Budget?

More eclectic looks, like the wall mount faucet, tend to be more expensive to purchase and have installed, while traditional faucets can be easily found at inexpensive prices at your local hardware store.  If you're going to splurge on a faucet, keep in mind that you can have eco-friendly faucets installed as a way to save money. Talk to the residential plumbing contractor who will install your faucets; they can let you know which faucets are great for cost savings, reliability, and easy and affordable installation.

What Kind of Finish?

There seems to be hundreds of different choices for finishes on the market.  Regardless of which one you choose stylistically, you have to make sure that the finish on your faucet matches that of the shower head and other hardware.  Of course your colors should match, but what is more important is that the quality of the finishes is the same.  Otherwise you will end up with some hardware aging more gracefully, looking like a new patch of paint on an old wall.