Using Portable Toilets For Your Event Or Worksite

Whether it is for a work site or due to hosting a large outdoor venue, there are many reasons why you might need to rent portable toilets. When you are needing to use these devices, you must be thoughtful and thorough when you are planning to use portable toilet rental services.

Consider Whether Restroom Trailers Or Portable Toilets Are The Best Options

While traditional portable toilets are among the most commonly requested from rental providers, there are instances where you may want to use a larger restroom trailer. This option will allow you to provide your guests will more spacious and luxurious facilities. However, these toilets will also require more space, which may make them ill-suited for those that will have strict space limitations.

Keep The Portable Toilets In The Shade

Preventing the toilets from becoming too hot can be important for keeping them comfortable for your guests while also helping to limit the odors that they may produce. When scouting for where the toilets will be placed, having a preference for areas that are shaded from the most intense sunlight can dramatically reduce the temperature of the portable toilets.

Ensure The Location Of The Toilets Is Clearly Marked

Not surprisingly, many individuals will want to place their portable toilets in fairly discrete locations. While this is an understandable choice, it is important to ensure that there are clear markings that will direct your guests to these toilets. Otherwise, you may find that some of your guests simply assume that these facilities are unavailable, or they may be too shy to ask where they are located. At a minimum, signs pointing to the general direction of the toilets should be placed near the main entrances and paths so that guests will be more likely to see them.

Account For Toilet Removal When Renting Venues

Due to the manner in which venues and other facilities charge for rental, individuals have an incentive to keep their rental period as short as possible. Unfortunately, this can lead to issues when they fail to account for all of the tasks that will be needed to clean up the area after the event. In particular, hosts can be prone to failing to consider the time needed for the toilet rental service to come and retrieve the portable toilets from the grounds. Avoiding additional fees or inconveniences will require you to speak with the rental provider to determine when the toilets can be retrieved before finalizing the rental of the venue. Otherwise, you may have to pay an additional fee for extending the rental or have the toilets removed before your event has concluded.

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