Water Softener Getting Older? 3 Types Of Problems You May Have With It

If your water softener is getting older, you may start having problems with it. Below are three of these problems so you will know what to look for. You can then take steps to get the water softener working well again.

Too Much Iron in Water

A water softener system will keep the levels of iron at the right level in your water. If you are having symptoms like constipation, vomiting, cramping, and nausea, the water softener may not be doing its job well.

Fortunately, this is something you can repair on your own. This is because this is generally due to a dirty water filter. Look at this filter, and if it looks dirty, you need to replace it. Even if it doesn't, and the filter has not been replaced in some time, you should go ahead and replace it anyway to prevent this from happening.

You should also look at the bypass valve to ensure it is at the right position. If it is not, you need to check your plumbing lines also to make sure you have no leaks.

Low Water Pressure

If you suddenly have low water pressure, the culprit is likely the brine line. You can take care of this problem by flushing this line. While you are doing this, inspect the filter screen and injector. If you notice any problems with these, you should replace them.

Look at the brine line for damage also. For example, it may have breaks or may be deteriorated in some way.  You can look in the manual that came with your water softener on how to check the pressure and what the correct pressure is. Once you learn this, check the water softener periodically to ensure it is at the right water pressure.

Water Not as Soft

If you notice your water is not as soft suddenly, there is likely a build up of magnesium and calcium in the water softener system. It is common for these two things to accumulate over time. These deposits are a result of the solution that is inside the brine line. Once this happens the brine line is blocked, and the system cannot soften your water. Another common area of a blockage is the filter screen.

How you take care of the blockage depends on the type of water softener system you have. You can find this information in the user's manual.

If you do not know how to do the above steps, contact a water softener repair company to repair the water softener for you. For additional information, reach out to companies like Aqua Masters Water Conditioning Inc.