The Top Reasons Homeowners Need Emergency Plumbing Services

Your home's plumbing system doesn't operate on a weekday, nine to five schedule. When do you need emergency plumbing services? Damage, excessive wear and tear, and other similar issues often mean a call to the pro. If you're not sure whether to call the plumber after-hours, take a look at the issues that require emergency attention.

Frozen Pipes

Pipes in unheated spaces, such as basements or crawl spaces, can freeze when the mercury dips. While a frozen pipe may not seem like a big deal (especially if you don't regularly use the fixture it feeds), this is an emergency type of plumbing problem.

Not only will a frozen pipe stop the flow of water in your home, but the ice inside can cause serious expansion issues. The greater the expansion, the more likely it is the pipe will burst. A burst pipe can flood your home and cause serious water damage.

Sewer Backup

A clog in the main drain can cause a serious sewage backup into your home. Along with flood damage, sewage-filled water can cause odors or even illnesses. An emergency plumber is needed as soon as possible. The professional can find the source of the clog, clear it, and make the repairs necessary to stop the sewage situation.

Hot Water Heater Damage

Does your hot water suddenly run cold? If you're not sure why there's no hot water or you can see visible damage on the appliance, you need professional help. This issue isn't just annoying. If left untreated, a damaged hot water heater can leak into your basement, utility room, or crawl space and flood the area.

Leaky Pipe

While a drip from a fixture (such as your sink's spout) can raise your water bill and eventually cause damage to the area, a crack, hole, or other type of pipe leak can flood your home. If the leak is more of a gentle flow, and less of a rush or gush, it still requires immediate attention.

A leaking pipe left unchecked can cause water to spill into your home and damage the interior (plaster, wood, or flooring) or ruin your belongings. It can also result in mold or mildew growth. Avoid moisture-related issues and contact a plumber as soon as you notice pipe damage or an unexplained leak.

Does your home need an emergency plumbing repair? Whether a pipe froze, the sewer backed up, the hot water heater runs cold, or you have a leaky pipe, an emergency technician can solve the problem before it causes serious damage to your home.