No Water? Oh, Well! What You Can Do Until Your Well Is Restored

Water wells are funny things. People tend to expect an endless water supply from their wells and are surprised when suddenly their wells do not seem to be producing any water. The problem could be any number of things, including a dry well! After your initial shock of no water, and after you have called a well troubleshooting and repair technician, here is what you can do while you wait for the well to be restored or for a new well to be drilled. 

Bottled Water Is Not So Bad

If you have any plastic bottles or jugs, now is the time to make sure they are clean, do not smell, and may be used for water collection. A number of big-box and grocery stores have a "fill your own jug" station. You can fill all of your own water jugs here, or buy any of the one- or five-gallon jugs available at the station and then fill it up. Think about everything you will need water for over the next three days, at a minimum. Water to drink, water to bathe, water to wash dishes and/or clothes, water for pets, and water for cooking or cleaning are all things to consider. If you can put off some of these tasks for a few days, take a shower at your gym or athletic club, send your clothes to a dry cleaner or wash clothes at a laundromat, etc., then you may need less water. 

Collect Rain in a Barrel

As a backup method of getting enough water, collect rain in a barrel. In some parts of the country where it rains a lot, this is a very workable solution. In other areas, such as desserts and places plagued by drought, it may not be possible. If you can collect rain, do it. It will be your backup source of water if you have to go longer than three days for the problem with your well to be corrected/fixed. 

Instruct Family Members to Fill Refillable Water Bottles Wherever There Are Free Public Water Dispensers

A lot of schools across the country now have installed special refillable water bottle stations. Students and teachers are able to take a sports water bottle and place it on the ledge of this unique dispensing station, press a button, and fill their bottles with water. If your kids' schools have these stations, instruct the kids to fill their water bottles every day and bring the water home. It may not be much, but it helps. 

For more help, contact a company like Action Well & Pump Repair today.