The Hammering Of Your Pipes Could Be Hammering Away At Your Finances And Your Safety

BANG! BANG! BANG! You awake in the middle of the night to hear a loud clanging noise in the walls of your home. Startled, you sit up in bed and wonder what that sound could be. You search until you reach the source of the noise only to realize it's the water pipes in making that odd hammering sound.

When pipes bang like that, it is called "water hammer." Before you break out into a dance to M.C. Hammer's "Hammer Time," you should consider the effect that water hammering is going to have on your plumbing, your home, and your health.

What Causes Water Hammer?

Water hammer occurs when pressure surges through your home's water pipes. The structure of your pipes, an obstruction, or changes in pressure may cause the water to come to a quick stop or may force a sudden change in the water's direction. Such a rapid change has a shockwave effect that causes the pipes to clang and bang.

A Danger to Your Plumbing

As you can imagine, it's never good when pipes bang that hard. If the problem persists, it will wear the pipes out, which can lead to pipe or total plumbing system replacement. As soon as you hear clanging or banging sounds behind your walls, contact a professional plumber for assistance.

A Danger to Your Home

Pipe damage and leaks often go together like peanut butter and jelly. If your pipes wear out because of a water hammer issue, there may be unseen water leaks behind your walls. You may not notice a water leak right away. If left unaddressed, you will eventually see water spots and mold forming on your walls, your floors, and possibly your ceilings, which leads to more expensive repairs.

A Danger to Your Health and Safety

For starters, the presence of mold can prove dangerous to your health. Mold exposure can lead to headaches, dizziness, and breathing problems. The presence of mold is especially dangerous to small children, the elderly, and anyone in your home who may have respiratory issues.

Pressure in the pipes that causes a water hammer issue could also cause injury when you go to take a shower. The water may flow out too hot or too forcefully. Rather than put yourself, your home, and your plumbing system at risk, contact a qualified plumber in your area to have the issue addressed as soon as possible.