Dealing With Residential Drain Odors & Debris

The odors that are sometimes released from the plumbing fixture drains can be nauseating and fill the air in an entire house. If the problem becomes out of control when it comes to the extent of debris that has gone down the drains, simply attempting to clean them out on your own might not be enough to get rid of the odors. In the worst-case scenario, you might actually have to hire a plumber to not only clean the drains to get rid of the odors but to also make the plumbing system work properly. For example, an accumulation of drain debris can lead to waste and water not being able to flow through the plumbing lines at a high speed.

If the drains in your house smell foul and have not been working right, continue reading this article for information that might be useful.

Deal With Grease

If you can never make progress by using general drain cleaners, it might be because the problem is too difficult for such products to resolve. For example, grease is a tough problem to deal with when it comes to water being able to flow smoothly, and it can also cause foul odors. If you have ever poured grease down a drain, such as during the process of cooking a meal, it may have become trapped inside a line. The grease likely thickened up shortly after entering the line, which means it never made it through the plumbing system. The best way to handle such a situation is to contact a plumber so potent products and tools can be used to clean the drain and line out.

Get an Inspection for Collapsed Lines

Sometimes the problem that is causing an odor to come out of a drain or causing it to not work right is a collapsed line. If there is a collapsed line, it can be making it difficult for even small pieces of debris to flow through, which leads to debris accumulating and producing a foul odor. A plumber will either manually inspect the line in question by taking it apart, or he or she can use a sewer camera to look at it. A collapsed line can be repaired or replaced, and then a plumber can clean the drain to eliminate the odor.

Do Occasional Line Jetting

If you want to keep the odors coming from drains under control, line jetting is a great option. When a plumber jets the lines, they will be thoroughly clean. This drain cleaning technique is even powerful enough to push large debris through the main sewer line and get rid of tree roots that are growing inside of it.