Hot Water Heater Problems and Repairs Caused by Hard Water

A water heater is a wonderful device to have in your home, and most homes have one. Most people are used to having hot water on demand because of their hot water heaters, but these systems can stop working. If your system stopped working, it might be because of your home's hard water. Hard water can affect a water heater and will cause it to stop working. Here are several things to know about getting the repairs you need for your water heater if this is the problem.

Understand How Hard Water Damages a Water Heater

A standard water heater has a large tank. The tank stores hot water so that it is available when you need it from any plumbing fixture in your home. Freshwater enters the tank as you use hot water from it, and the tank has components that heat the water. The stored water remains in the tank until you once again need it.

When the freshwater that enters the tank contains a lot of sediment and minerals, the minerals and sediment will separate from the water as the system heats it. This debris then sinks to the bottom of the tank and builds up. If you get enough debris buildup on the bottom of the tank, it will interfere with the system's ability to heat your water. As a result, you will end up without hot water.

How Repair Technicians Fix This Issue

When you call a plumber to fix your hot water heater, the plumber will evaluate the system and diagnosis the problem. If the plumber believes that your heater is not working because of a buildup of sediment, the plumber must empty the tank and clean it. Cleaning out the tank is something that plumbers do by flushing the system. Flushing involves running water through it to remove minerals and sediment.

After doing this, the plumber may also have to replace the heating element in the system or other components, depending on which ones are bad or worn-out.

The Plumber Might Suggest a Water Treatment System

After repairing your system, your plumber might talk to you about getting a water treatment system. A water treatment system will clean your water before it enters the tank. If you do not do this, you may end up with the same problem again in a few months or years.

If you need help with a hot water heater repair, call a plumbing business like ATWH today to schedule a visit.