Mistakes To Avoid When Cleaning Your Drains

Having clean drains is important. It makes saving money on drain repairs easy, keeps bad smells away, and allows you to complete normal household chores every day. If you avoid these mistakes, this cleaning task will be easy for you to manage over and over.

Avoid Using a Coat Hanger

Although the go-to solution for clogged drains with a lot of homeowners is a coat hanger, you need to avoid this method. A lot of times the clog is too far down so a coat hanger won't do any good.

If you continued to push the coat hanger down further and further, you could cause damage to the inner workings of your pipes. Also, the hanger could accidentally get stuck and then the clog may be worse. It may seem tempting, but don't rely on a coat hanger for drain cleaning.

Don't Just Clean Once

Sometimes homeowners think that they can get away with cleaning their drains just one time. More often times than not, the drain will develop severe clogs that you then have to pay to have treated. 

These burdens can be avoided if you keep a consistent cleaning schedule going for all of the drains in your home. Every couple of months, you can use cleaners and devices to get rid of everything that has collected inside.

The more proactive you are with drain cleaning, the better your drains will work over the years.

Don't Avoid Professional Help

There may be a time when the drains are too far gone and DIY cleaning methods will no longer work. Don't ignore extremely dirty drains, but rather hire a professional company to help you out.

Professional help may not be needed every single time, but for the more dirty drains, a professional company gives you access to thorough cleaning techniques and innovative solutions that you probably don't have access to yourself.

Additionally, a professional drain cleaning company can work a lot faster than you can as they know the inner workings of pipes like the back of their hand. They'll finish cleaning in no time.

Every home will get dirty drains over the years, especially if you fall behind on maintenance. That's okay because there are certain things you can do as a homeowner to make drain cleaning work out in your favor. And professionals can assist too if your drains are really dirty.

Contact a drain cleaning service if you need help with your plumbing.