How To Get The Most Out Of A Sewer Video Camera Inspection

Sewer lines can be made with durable materials, but considering where they're placed around residential properties, damage will eventually happen. If you're currently having a sewer problem and think sewer video camera inspections could be an efficient way of diagnosing the problem, approach these inspections the right way. 

Ensure Company Is Up to Speed on Camera Technology

It wouldn't be very helpful to hire a plumber that doesn't know much about the equipment involved in sewer video camera inspections. You wouldn't get meaningful results and then the inspection — despite its numerous advantages — wouldn't be helpful. 

Before making a plumber selection, make sure they know how to use the cameras involved in this process. Also, verify that they know how to get the camera inside your sewage lines in a way that doesn't affect your property that much. Ensuring these things ultimately can lead to a smoother, reliable inspection.

Be Near the Plumber During Inspection

Once the plumber gets the high-tech camera inside your sewage lines, they'll keep moving it around until they find the issue. You want to be near the plumber when they do this because then you'll have a complete understanding of what they're talking about post-inspection.

While they manipulate the camera around, the plumber can explain to you the condition of your plumbing. Then when they find the issue, you'll be there to see it in real-time using the screen that accompanies the sewer video camera. You can then go over repair options that are appropriate.

Ask for a File of Recorded Footage

After the inspection concludes with the sewer video camera, you may have questions later about what was identified. If you ask the plumber that conducts this inspection for a file of the recorded footage, you can go back to it at any time.

You shouldn't have to pay for this footage, and you'll be able to go back to it when you start thinking about repair options. You can also take this footage and show multiple plumbers, getting their feedback on what repair is appropriate. That increases your chances of finding the best option for the sewage problem at hand.

You can benefit greatly as a homeowner from sewer video camera inspections because of how efficient and easy they are to perform. You won't have any uneasiness about your decision to utilize said inspection if you approach it carefully as the homeowner.