Five Well Pump Issues That Lead To No Water

It can be frustrating and quite alarming to turn on the tap in your home and be rewarded with nothing, especially if you are on a well. If the well water level is adequate, then the well pump may be the reason why there is no water from the well.

1. Clogged Filter

Every well pump is equipped with one or more sediment filters that block dirt and other debris from entering your water supply. These filters should be cleaned or replaced annually during your normal pump inspection and tune-up. Occasionally, heavy rains or other issues stir up sediment in your well, which can cause the filters to become clogged prematurely. For this reason, the filters are one of the first things to check if there is no water.

2. Buried Intake

The pump has an intake tube that pulls water from the well and into your home. This tube needs to be in the water but not so low that it can become buried in the sediment in the bottom of your well. A buried intake occurs if a pump shifts and falls lower into the well or if sediment begins to fill the well up to the intake level. You will need to have the well inspected for debris or collapse, or the pump will need to be raised to a better level.

3. Failed Motor

Of course, the pump could also just fail. In many cases, failure is a result of either age or lack of maintenance. You can typically tell if the pump has failed because it either won't come on, or it might make horrible noises while delivering little to no water to your home. Pump failure means that it must either be repaired or replaced.

4. Electrical Problems

Electrical problems can cause the pump to fail. Sometimes the issue is as simple as a blown breaker or fuse. In other cases, electrical switches may need to be replaced in the pump or damaged wiring may need to be repaired. Only a pump inspection and inspection of the electrical panel can determine the problem and the solution.

5. Line Clog

Clogs can happen further up in the water line, particularly if sediment makes its way past the filters. With a line clog, you will hear the pump come on, and you may even get a small amount of water. Usually, what water you do get will be cloudy or otherwise contain sediment

Contact a well pump service if you are getting no water from your well.