Why Is Your Faucet Leaking?

Plumbing issues happen to everybody. They impact every home, and it's never a good experience. A leaky faucet may feel like a small issue at first, but the truth is that it can grow significantly over the coming years. There are several reasons why your faucet could be leaking. These are a few things that could cause your faucet to leak. Your Valve or Ring Is Worn-Out Valves and rings can last a long time, but a home that is 40 years old could have very old parts.

Five Well Pump Issues That Lead To No Water

It can be frustrating and quite alarming to turn on the tap in your home and be rewarded with nothing, especially if you are on a well. If the well water level is adequate, then the well pump may be the reason why there is no water from the well. 1. Clogged Filter Every well pump is equipped with one or more sediment filters that block dirt and other debris from entering your water supply.